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Women to Watch TM 

Hello TreasureTress Beauties, 
My name is Tamera Cooper and over the past few months my university, UAL, has  collaborated with TreasureTress to create special content for you guys.  
While the pandemic has shuttered us into our homes and physically kept us away  from family and friends, we have all learned something new... we can create new  connections and strengthen our community online. As black women especially,  we have witnessed the beauty of sisterhood during these trying times and how  we can help to support each other. 
To have a platform is to use it wisely, and I believe it is necessary to shine a light  on small black creatives....  
In this, we present #WomenToWatch, a hotlist of upcoming black creatives that  you need to keep your eye on.  
From fashion, art and business, this list is diverse with pure talent and  entrepreneurship.


Who: Cheriene Tamar 
Company: Tamar Mavazi 
What: Fashion designer from Birmingham, England who believes “life is the  occasion”. From ankle length tie dye mesh dresses to Dashiki ball gowns, Tamar Mavazi perfectly balances “staying on trend” while paying homage to her African  ancestry. Her Sunrise SS 2021 is coming very soon so please follow her Instagram  to remain updated.
Instagram: @tamar_mavazi


Who: Laetitia Ky 
What: Michelangelo step aside...Laetitia is ready to take over the sculpting game! She’s a feminist artist from Ivory Coast who creates sculptures out of her HAIR...  Yeah, I said it. What makes Laetitia so unique is that her sculptures are often fuelled with important and political messages, especially as it pertains to women's  rights. She told Elle magazine “thousands of people can say the same thing  without it having the same impact. What makes the difference is the way you say  it.” Follow her socials to see more astonishing artwork.  
Instagram + Tik Tok: @laetitiaky


Who: Sharmadean Reid MBE 
Company: The Beauty Stack and The Stack World 
What: A CEO, a business mogul and a girl boss advocate! Sharmadean, a  Wolverhampton raised, London based entrepreneur founded Beautystack in 2018  with the hopes of creating a digital space for women to promote their beauty and  wellness services. Fast forward to today, Beautystack, now called The Stack World is both a website and application that not only aims to elevate small businesses  but elevate YOUR knowledge on management, productivity, profitability through  informative articles and girl... they do say knowledge is power. 
Instagram: @sharmadeanreid @beautystack

Who: Gina Knight 

Company: Gina Knight Wig Design 

What: Now while Treasure Tress is team #natural, Gina Knight is put on this list  for pure innovation and craftsmanship. Based in Reading, England, Knight was  diagnosed with alopecia in 2013 but realised there wasn’t enough afro textured  wigs available and decided to begin her own hair line using 100% quality human  hair where glues or adhesives aren’t necessary. Gina’s passion has always resided  in the hair industry as she worked as a salon manager for over a decade and ran a  natural hair blog prior to starting her business. Her main goal is to make women  feel confident with or without wigs. Follow her socials for more! 

Instagram + Tik Tok: @ginaknightwigdesign 



Who: Aurélia Durand  

What: Activist meets artiste, Aurélia is an illustrator, painter and animator from  Paris who creates bold and exciting artwork, both rich in colour and culture. Her  vivid designs celebrate Afro-descendants as cheerful and proud and her most recent book illustration for This Book Is Anti-Racist Journal most definitely showcases that.  

P.S. if you want to see a funky website design... I highly suggest you check Aurélia  Durand’s; you will not be disappointed.  

Instagram: @4ur3lia 

 Who: Bola Sol 

Company: Refined Currency  

What: A financial wellness coach who puts the F in fashion, feminism and finance! Having graduated at the University of Essex in Mathematics and finance, Bola noticed that the field was heavily dominated by men and was passionate about changing that. She launched Refined Currency, a website dedicated to offering  advice on budgeting, saving and increasing your financial status. If you thought it couldn’t get any better, Bola also published How to save it: fix your finances at the start of 2021, a self-help book on all things finance. If you want your wallet looking healthy, be sure to follow Bola on her socials! 

Instagram + Twitter: @bola_sol


Who: Shannie Mears  

Company: The Elephant Room and Girls, Let's talk  

What: Shannie Mears who is originally from Birmingham co-founded the London-based creative company, The Elephant Room with Dan Saxby in 2017. The company aims to steer the advertising industry in a more inclusive and more  diverse direction. Outside of advertising, Shannie has proved to be a patron for  the youth. From helping to raise over 25k for a research project in Barbados (at  the age of 15...) to doing a traineeship at youth marketing agency, Livity, her portfolio is the living proof of “actions speak louder than words”. Outside of advertising, Shannie is a Girls Talk London ambassador and has hosted her own events through Girls, Let's Talk, a community designed to encourage, educate and connect women... if that isn’t enough to get Shannie on the #Womentowatch list then I don’t know what is! 

Instagram: @shannieloves @girlsletstalk__