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4 Low Maintenance Styles to Try for Summer!

     Summer Styles

Summer’s coming … (well we’d like to think it is, finger’s crossed lol) but we all know when the sun comes out, we kinda go wild with our hair. We let it breathe, we add a splash of colour or even experiment with something we’ve never tried before, and why not?
Summer comes round just once a year so we might as well! But there is one thing that we must ensure, and that is regardless of the styles we do try, the health of our hair must be always be protected and better yet enhanced.
Now you may be thinking how can I live my best life with my summer hairstyles and still protect my mane? Well, think no further TreasureTress has got you covered! Here are 4 Low Maintenance Styles to Try for Summer, and also details on how Hask Beauty can keep your hair healthy throughout.


The classic, evergreen and super low-maintenance braids/twists are a personal fave for us! The joys of being able to wake up every morning and be greeted in the mirror by amazing hair without having to lay a finger are exactly what braids/twists give.  Braiding styles can be traced centuries back, originating in African culture, amongst various African tribes and particularly popular with women. Symbolising all sorts from wealth, power, religion, marital status, age and so much more.
Fast-forward to the modern-day, and braids are still GIVING, in various styles also, from Box braids to goddess, from micro to jumbo, even braided ponytails. When in braids/twist, your hair strands are kept, protected and you can keep them in for as long as you’d like, but do ensure that you keep your main moisturised. Pre-install, why not try using Hask’s Repairing Conditioner as part of your wash day routine to prep your natural locks to prime condition, moisturised and ready for braiding.

Faux Locs

Now becoming one of the hottest trends in protective styles and fashion, Faux Locs are another uber low maintenance style to try this summer. Faux Locs come with so many pro’s from low maintenance to hair growth due to minimal manipulation.

 A chance to try and see if you like it enough to maybe make the full-time commitment and transition to natural Locs. Unlike most hairstyles that tend to look worn with age, Faux Locs are super long-lasting and look better as they age so your hair will still look top-notch weeks later. 

With the longevity of the Faux Locs in mind we suggest giving your hair a Hask Argon Oil Repairing Deep Condition before your install to ensure your curls are well looked after before embarking on the journey that is Faux Locs. If you do decide to try them, be creative with size, length, style and of course colours, remember you only live once!



Another classic that goes without saying is of course wigs/sew in’s. Now the variety that comes with these are endless. Monday you could be Becky with the Jet Black Bob, by Wednesday you could be Melissa with the Ombre Middle Part, and for the weekend you could be Keisha with the Platinum Pixie. Wig’s and sew-ins can literally be a girl’s best friend. They keep you protected, bring out your personality and last with you through the times.

If you do choose to go for wigs and sew in’s this summer we suggest that you meticulously shampoo and condition your natural hair between installs. The Hask Argan Oil Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner has got you covered with that respect, so not only does your hair look good with wigs/sew-ins, your natural hair is also getting all it needs to thrive.


Twist Outs

Now it’s only right that if the sun comes out to play, then the mane also comes out to shine in all its glory. It’s important that outside of all the aforementioned protective low maintenance hairstyles that you give your hair (scalp) a break and let it breathe. It is honestly a win-win! A perfect product to help maintain the health of your hair during its twist out phase is the Hask Beauty Argan Oil Repairing 5 in 1 Leave-in Spray. Spray a few pumps, shake your twists out, give yourself a cute little wink in the mirror and take the day by storm. 

And there you have it, 4 awesome styles and also 4 great products to try this summer, can’t wait to see which ones you try out.


Blessings and love always.

Bisi Akins