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5 Things We’re Looking Forward to over a Restriction Free Summer

We Outside!

Word on the curb is that lockdown is over! Now we don’t mean tentatively with prospects of returning to the 3rd, urm 4th lockdown (sorry it’s kinda hard to keep count lol).
But we mean a RESTRICTION FREE Summer!! As in, life is going to return to the normality we knew before this new normal … WE ARE BREAKING FREE (imagine Troy from High School Musical singing that with full vim lool).
As you can tell from the tone of this, we at TreasureTress are beyond excited for what’s to come, so here are 5 things we’re looking forward to over a Restriction Free Summer. Beauty can keep your hair healthy throughout.


Did someone say VACATION!? We don’t know about y’all but our bags have been packed and ready on standby for a time like this. A time, where we could look on Skyscanner, pick a destination of our choice and say bye-bye to London without having to think about the colours, green, amber or red, or maybe even calculate how many covid tests you’d need to take and how much of a cash loss that would be.
Imagine that? Being able to explore the wonders of the world, on your terms, in whichever way you like and with whomever you choose. We have stay-cations, bae-cations, friend-cations and let's not forget solo-cations, the choice is yours, whatever you decide, ensure to be fully present and always remain grateful.


PARTY after PARTY!! After a year plus of being starved of the joys of live music, the super trendy, sometimes skimpy outfits, the glistening body glitter, the adrenaline pumping mosh pits and the occasional exchange of body fluids (interpret that as you wish, but were talking about body sweat lol) … festivals, parties and events are back and guess what RESTRICTION FREE!!

 This is where you need to be on job, as soon as the announcements are made and tickets are released, make sure you grab them. The TT gang can never lack, we about this, living our best lives to the fullest and if you are reading this, then that means you are part of us, so let’s get this. Wireless, Burna Boy, Strawberries and Cream, Birthday’s or maybe just a random down Camden Town, whatever it is, enjoy, you deserve it.




Family & Friends 

Family, Friendships, Support Systems and Community are so important to us here at TreasureTress. And for the longest time, we haven’t been able to freely see our loved ones, some of us have missed special occasions or spent festive seasons in ways that we wouldn’t usually, but no longer are those days.

We are so looking forward to all the missed linkups, cookouts, movie/games nights and to be honest just those chill moments with the ones we care about the most. Before now, I guess we would take those times for granted but now, we cease and cherish every second we can. And when you do meet your friends and family, get creative with it, try new experiences, new card games, no recipes or binge watch Netflix, Disney Plus or Prime, whatever tickles your fancy, just do it with love.


 Self Care 

Now this one, we are definitely looking forward to. The entire world has been through so much turmoil and it’s had a ripple effect on so many things around us but more so on our individual bodies.

This summer we’re looking forward to putting ourselves first, going to the spa, getting those facials, deep tissue massages, getting our nails and feet done without having to worry about everything being booked out.

Pampering and Self Care at its finest all summer, and what better place to start than with the TreasureTress x Hask Beauty June takeover box featuring a strengthening and repairing shampoo and conditioner duo, 5-in-1 leave-in Spray to condition and detangle, and x2 repairing deep conditioner hair masks (the only mask we still don’t mind wearing for summer). Perfect for a Sunday afternoon well spent!

No Face Masks

Now, this one we aren’t too sure about … life without face mask’s was cool, life with a face mask was a little weird adjusting to but we got used to it. The question now is are we going to let the masks go completely or keep them? I mean the safety from free-flowing pathogens is comforting, but then face masks messing up the face beat we spent an hour achieving is questionable lool. I guess the ball is in your court, all we know is that is nice to know that we have options. We chose whatever makes us feel the best, what do you choose? 

And there you have it, 5 things we are looking forward to in a Restriction Free Summer! 

Blessings and love always.

Bisi Akins