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Introducing TT Elite ✨

At TT, we value our ride or die’s, our TT Family, those who have trusted us with their hair journey for months (and a lot of the time years) and constantly strive to provide them with exceptional experiences and benefits. 

That's why we are thrilled to introduce the new TT Elite membership tier, designed specifically for our most dedicated curly girls. With TT Elite, our tribe can now unlock exclusive membership privileges, including early access to events like our recent "For Black Girls Who Can't Unplug Workshop" sponsored by Palmer's. Just one example of the transformative workshops we host for our community, and shed light on the remarkable opportunities that TT Elite membership brings.

The TT Elite membership tier is an invitation-only program that rewards our most loyal curly girls with exceptional benefits. By becoming a TT Elite member, you gain access to a range of exclusive privileges, enabling you to enhance your TreasureTress experience like never before. One of these exciting benefits is early and exclusive access to extraordinary events, such as the recent "For Black Girls Who Can't Unplug Workshop."

The "For Black Girls Who Can't Unplug Workshop" was a truly transformative event that empowered attendees to connect with their intuitive senses, regain emotional and physical balance, and explore different aspects of themselves. This enlightening workshop was led by Ayanna Birch, a certified Massage Therapist, Movement Practitioner, and Wellbeing Speaker, popularly known as @birchwoodbody.

Ayanna Birch, the Queen of Chill, expertly guided us through a two-hour journey of intuitive movement and self-discovery. We were provided with the tools to shake up our inner world and explore the many facets of themselves in a safe and compassionate space. Through Ayanna's expertise, we all gained insights into the mind-body-spirit connection and learned self-massage methods that promote holistic wellness.

TT Elite members have the opportunity to secure their spot before anyone else, ensuring that they never miss out on transformative experiences that align with their values and interests.

In addition to exclusive event access, TT Elite members also enjoy a host of other benefits, including sneak peeks of upcoming releases, special discounts, and much more. This membership tier is our way of expressing gratitude and appreciation for the unwavering support and loyalty of our TreasureTress community.

The introduction of the TT Elite membership tier at TreasureTress marks an exciting milestone for our most dedicated subscribers. This exclusive program provides members with early and exclusive access to extraordinary events, such as the recent "For Black Girls Who Can't Unplug Workshop" sponsored by Palmer's. With TT Elite, our loyal subscribers can unlock a range of membership privileges that elevate their TreasureTress experience to new heights. We invite our customers to join TT Elite and indulge in a world of exclusive benefits, transformative workshops, and unforgettable moments of self-discovery.