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November TakeOver 
 You asked us for:
More Black Owned brands 
✅ Value for money 
✅ Natural ingredients 
This month we bring you the We Are PlantMade takeover box - you’re welcome!
From one black female founded brand to another, we’re not only championing black female excellence we’re also giving you over £200 worth of products for £25. Stacked with products to nurture your hair, scalp and even beard (we recommend hiding this box from bae if you’re not into sharing). Christmas has come early with this one - let’s get into it. 
Step 1: Sand
The proof is in the name. Sand is the ultimate hair scrub, perfect for lifting product build up and a godsend after wearing a protective style. This sugar scalp scrub is made to detox, exfoliate and renew the scalp to get rid of dandruff, dirt, and boost hair health and growth. 
We recommend gently drenching your tresses in water before liberally applying the scrub to your fingertips; massaging gently into your scalp. Rinse and follow with the Rain or Vine Bar.



Step 2: Rain or Vine 
Depending on which box you have received, you will have either the Rain OR Vine Shampoo Bar. We repeat you should only receive ONE soap bar - Rain OR Vine. 
Rain is a super greens hair growth shampoo bar made to clean, detox and renew the scalp and strands. Soap bars are not only eco- friendly, if you store in the correct way (sis, do not leave the bar on a soap dish but that baby back in the box once dry) they can outlast your standard shampoo too! Work the soap bar into a lather either directly into your wet hair and be amazed at how quickly it lathers.Packed with zinc, iron, magnesium to nourish the scalp and strands this baby will leave your strands feeling squeaky clean without stripping all of the moisture. 

Vine is a protein treatment bar with Henna and Fenugreek to strengthen, protect and reduce shedding/breakage of the strands. Much like the Rain bar, apply this bar directly to your wet kinks, curls and coils to activate a thick lather. Rinse and repeat if your strands need some extra TLC although it packs a punch with one wash. 

Step 3: Drizzle 

Now that your scalp is detoxed and your strands are cleansed and nourished, it’s time to follow with the amazing smelling Drizzle hydrating mist. This beauty is made to condition, grow and hydrate your strands. The perfect leave-in, this light but mighty gem can be used multiple times a day to refresh your crown as and when you need. 

Step 4: Soil 

Now that you have been gradually building the moisture and nutrients into your hair its  time to take it to the next level with Soil. An ayurvedic soufflé which is hard whipped to strengthen and moisturise your strands. Apply the luxurious butter to sectioned hair to amplify moisture. 

Step 5: Inches

The iconic Inches growth oil is made to help boost growth, repair damaged follicles and promote increased hair growth in areas. Apply a small amount to your scalp - especially in those areas that need a little extra TLC.