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Honouring Thy Self 

This month is dedicated to ‘Self’. 

Self-Care, Self - Actualization, Self - Love all of it.  With it being mental health awareness month, we’re championing the soft life HARD this month and invite you to join us in releasing anything that is no longer serving you and investing wholeheartedly in yourself.

So sit back and self-indulge using the brand new Revolution HairCare range - created specifically for kinky/curly/coily girls (and it’s vegan!), in this month’s May box.

Revolution Hair Care ‘Deeply Hydrate My Curls’ Nourishing Shampoo


To start your self care session, drench your tresses in lukewarm water and work the shampoo into a foamy lather before applying to your hair. Be sure to massage your scalp with your finger tips or scalp massager of your choice. Allow the nourishing ingredients; Shea Butter, Mango Butter and Babassu oil to penetrate your strands. Rinse and repeat (if you like) and feel the benefits of the additional ingredients; Hydrolysed Wheat Protein to  strengthen and combat breakage and Provitamin B5 to further moisturise and hydrate.  The non drying cleanser, deeply hydrates your curls setting the foundation for the rest of this sulphate, alcohol and silicone free - deeply moisturising range.

Revolution Hair Care ‘Deeply Condition My Curls’ Nourishing Conditioner


Now that your strands are cleansed and refreshed, move onto the next step with the 

Deeply Hydrate My Curls Nourishing Conditioner. This intensely hydrating conditioner enhances shine and softness to your curls, coat your hair in the silky liquid, taking time to detangle your hair from tip to root for the ultimate conditioning experience.

Containing all the hydrating ingredients as the shampoo, this conditioner is the perfect base for the Deeply Restore My Curls Protein Restore Mask or equally as a follow up to the shampoo for a shorter wash day.

Revolution Hair Care ‘Deeply Restore My Curls’ Protein Restore Mask

Indulge further in your self care with the ‘Deeply Restore My Curls’ Protein Restore Mask. Take some time to put on your favourite playlist, light a candle or burn some incense before saturating your hair (focussing on the ends and any areas in need of extra TLC). Leave the mask for 10 to 20 minutes (we suggest using a cap) or for extra moisture - overnight. Rinse and take on the rest of the day at your own pace - soft life hun. 

Revolution Hair Care ‘Deeply Define My Curls’ Leave In Styling Cream 

Now your hair is cleansed, deeply hydrated and you are relaxed and rejuvenated! It’s time to add another layer of mango scented goodness. Part and section your hair into at least 3 sections, scoop a liberal amount of the leave in styling cream working from root to tip. Take a deep breath, exhale and affirm “I am worthy, loved and exactly where you need to be”.

Revolution Hair Care ‘Deeply Refresh My Curls Revitaliser Spray 

Enhance your tresses with the Curls Revitalising Spray, containing Hydrolyzed Corn Starch to help shape and form smooth curls that resist humidity and fly aways. This beauty can be used on damp or dry hair, simply section and spray the product directly, work the product through your hair with your fingers and enjoy the bouncy definition.

Revolution Hair ‘Deeply Shine My Curls’ Multi-use Oil 

We love to finish a wash day with a good oil. This small but mighty gem contains all the curl enhancing ingredients from the range and is the perfect final step to complete your desired look. Add a small amount to the palm of your hand and lightly work the oil into your strands. Now your wash day is comete, why not take some time out to journal or if the range has got your feelin’ yourself - put on a cute fit and step out!