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Happy International Women’s Month!


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This year, the global theme is #BreakTheBias. There’s a number of Black women who have broken the Bias in their own ways, whether it’s Beyonce being the first Black woman to headline Coachella in 2018, Katherine Johnson’s mathematical calculations of orbital mechanics as a NASA employee, that were crucial to the success to the first and following U.S crewed spaceflights or Yvonne Thompson CBE, FRSA as the first Black British female self-made millionaire, women are continually taking the agency to decide what type of life they want to live and contribution they want to make to the world, regardless of the industry.

As Europe’s first and largest product discovery box for women with naturally textured hair, it’s our mission to continually break the bias by holding brands accountable to when they’re catering to US. It’s important that they develop ranges that are safe to use, easily accessible and the language used to speak to us is accurate and authentic. Exclusivity and luxury are big on our agenda and this month, we’re super excited to be working with a BRAND NEW hair brand and debuting the range this month! Wakati means “time” in Swahili and represents a respect for where your hair has been and an optimism for all the places it can go. Welcome to the Wakati x Treasure Tress takeover!

Step 1
Sulphate Free Shampoo

The cleansing stage with this Wakati Sulfate-Free Shampoo is designed to purify the hair without stripping, and gently removes build-up and prepping the hair leaving hair receptive to moisture. For those who are unfamiliar with sulphates, quick education lesson – sulphate is the compound that gives shampoos and shower gels lather and often too much of that, can strip the hair of its necessary moisture. Using a shampoo without sulphate means that you hair reaps the benefit of cleansing but moisture isn’t completely extracted.

Step 2
Water activated advanced conditioner

Now that your hair is cleansed, it’s time to condition. Water is one of the primary ingredients necessary for a healthy life generally. Activated by water, this Wakati Advanced Conditioner travels through your tresses while adding moisture along the way. A conditioner that provides a smooth base for detangling (finger or with hair tools). With great slip, this conditioner helps unlock tight knots and smooths rough cuticles to seal in hydration.

Step 3
Oil-Infused Cream

Designed to support the moisture from the conditioner, this Oil-Infused Cream seals in the right touch of moisture for slip and added shine. Your hair is left smooth, nourished and ready for any style. The Wakati Oil-Infused Cream seals in the right touch of moisture for slip and added shine. Your hair is left smooth, nourished and ready for any style. This product has also been tried and tested to use with other gels and stylers, and allows optimum and lasting result of hair health.

Step 4
Conditioning Reactivating Mist

This non-aerosol spray is perfect for softening, detangling, and keeping flyaways at bay. Ideal for use on freshly washed hair on Day 1 after styling, and then on Day 2 & 5 for refreshing purposes. A key added benefit of using this later in the week means your hair maintains moisture on those days in between. Depositing moisture along each strand, this mist softens and nourishes hair for popping curls all week.