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Firstly, Happy New Year! Whether you’re someone who uses January as a time of reflection, a time of planning, a time of action or as an extended hangover from Christmas and New Year - every January is a global moment of newness.


In order for us to end the year feeling (insert desired emotion here), we’ll need to be in a constant state of curiosity and presence, asking questions and then living through the answer.


We decided to start this year with brands you know but products you may not – call it familiar newness if you will. This year will be everything you hope it to be, work, believe and take care of yourself – starting with a TreasureTress box.



PATTERN Jojoba Oil Self Heating Packs

Kicking off the wash day with a revolutionary product if you ask us. These heat packs are hot oil treatments that HEAT THEMSELVES! The days of warming oil on the stove or in the microwave are long gone honey, simply peel off the white label at the back and within 3 minutes, the technology heats the oil ready to go drizzle in your hair.

For those who are new to hot oil treatment process, this is a prep step that prepares the scalp for cleansing. It’s particularly good for low porosity hair and the oil provides an extra layer of moisture. Should I hot oil my hair every wash day we hear you ask? Not necessarily, if you feel needs some extra moisture or you’re taking your hair out of a protective style, go for it.



Sof n Free Manuka Honey Hydration Shampoo

A heritage brand with staple component for softness, moisture, and shine. Manuka Honey is a lead ingredient that boots shine, enhances scalp health, and prevents dandruff. Squeeze into your palm or straight on to wet hair and massage in until it lathers. Rinse out with warm water and follow up with a conditioner or deep conditioner.





Sof n Free Manuka Honey and Avocado Moisture Rich Conditioner

A moisture rich conditioner with avocado is perfect for co-washing or following up with the shampoo. Avocado, like in food, is an extremely rich ingredient that promotes health. Especially with the temperature being so cold and potentially harsh on the strands, this conditioner will help retain moisture and prevent breakage.




Tresemme Nourish Coconut Mask

What’s great about this deep conditioner is that it includes UV protection. Yes, we’ve looked outside and it’s not hot, but just like our skin, it’s important to protect it from the sun all year round. This Tresemme Nourish Coconut Mask is ample side is super creamy with every scoop. This is gentle formula is also silicone free and whether you’re someone who sleeps with deep conditioner or keeps it in for 15 minutes, this super hydrating mask will nourish your hair.





Aveda Botanical Repair Strengthening Leave-In Treatment

This vegan leave in treatment has a creamy soft consistency and with a subtle scent. With every squeeze, the botanical ingredient mix hydrates and instantly detangles. As part of a full wash day, after washing out the Tresemme mask, a hack for this product is to use it while still in the shower or over the bath. The warmth of the bathroom helps lock the moisture in your hair. Another hack is to apply the leave in treatment to your hair, put a shower cap or cling film over your hair for 15 mins or as long as overnight and style afterwards. Again, a key for maximising the moisture potential.




Crème of Nature Scalp Refresh Invigorating Scalp Oil

That age old confirmation that if you feel a tingle when you put oil in your hair, it works – with this oil, you’ll feel the tingle. This new “Scalp Refresh” collection from Crème of Nature specifically focusses on scalp health and this oil has a cooling sensation which is really refreshing as a sealant. Its tip design means it’s agile to get between parting and its lightweight blend makes hair look and feel healthier.