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August is here and the Islands are calling us (all of them!)
Firstly, we can’t believe it’s August however unlike the few days of hot weather we usually experience at this time of year, the British weather said, nope! Wizkid still hasn't released another date, outside is expensive and there’s no carnival. Nevertheless, there’s always something to be grateful for… Kaz is still in the villa. 
The holiday season is well underway and for those who haven’t been able to get away this year, we’re bringing the Island Vibes to you instead. Yes, we’d all love to be on a tropical beach, with a tropical cocktail and tropical piece of eye candy to look at, but life is about not wanting to get away before experiencing paradise. Our August box is the perfect box to prepare your tresses for the day parties, BBQ’s, festivals, brunches and everything in between – while outside is open, we show out every time!


In this month’s combo box, we’ve prioritised new products with tropical ingredients and staple favourites that never fail. It’s crazy that we’re already in August but don’t let the time of year rush you into “doing too much” – use this box to curate your own personal escape - Roll in the August box

Faith in Nature Shea & Argan Conditioner

Enriched with Shea butter and Argan Oil, can not only be used to condition your hair but can double up as a co-wash and cleanse your hair. With all the events keeping us busy this Summer it’s hard to find time to have a full wash day, especially when your hair is in need of a full wash day routine. However, the Faith in Nature Shea & Argan Conditioner is a staple you need on your Hair shelf this summer as it not only cleanses but nourishes and rejuvenates your hair during this dry summer.

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Leave-In Conditioner

The Palmer’s Coconut Oil spray Leave-in conditioner is infused with Coconut oil, Tahitian Monoi and infused with Tiare flower petals. This lightweight leave-in conditioner gives your slip, making it easier to detangle your hair. The beauty of this product is that it also controls frizz and adds shine to your hair. Cheeky tip: for those of you, who have braids, twists, faux locks, or under the wig cornrows, spray this in your hair daily every 2-3 days to keep your hair moisturised whilst still maintaining your protective style.

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Strong Root Spray

Time and time again, when our hair is in protective styles we tend to neglect the roots, but Palmer’s has come to our rescue (literally!) Formulated with Coconut Oil, Monoi Oil and Peppermint Oil, this spray not only deeply hydrates but strengthens the roots of your hair and helps to alleviate tightness and itch.

Aveda Nutriplenish Curl Gelee

Paired with mango butter, organic coconut oil and organic pomegranate oil, the Aveda Curl Gelee, is your must-have summer product. This hydrating gel elongates your curls and coils whilst locking out frizz and promoting a consistent curl formation without flyaways. This product is perfect for our tropical Island get away.

Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel

For years, Eco Styler has been a staple within the natural hair community, assisting with our WashnGo’s, twist outs and keeping our buns slicked. Olive Oil naturally regulates the moisturising system for your scalp. With a superior hold, taming the frizz leaving your hair with a healthy shine.