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Spring is that you?

We don’t want to jinx it but it appears spring finally sprung! Now is the perfect time to start something new, whether that’s a hobby, a detox or changing up your wardrobe - step into the light and go for it!  In the spirit of a refresh, we’ve lined up a banging selection of products that are perfect for experimenting styles.  With longer days, warmer weather and a new do’  there’s really no excuse not to be outside sis. 

Step 1
Faith In Nature Shea & Argan Shampoo Bar

Following the success of Shea and Argan conditioner featured last year, we’re introducing a whole new concept with the first shampoo bar to feature in our box! For a refreshing yet nourishing cleanse, lather the Shea & Argan Shampoo Bar between your hands and gently massage the foam into wet hair. This gem may look small but the sumptuous lather is the perfect consistency to coat your strands. Once you’ve massaged it into your scalp and tresses, wash and rinse thoroughly with water until your hair is clean. Who said curly girls can’t use shampoo bars?

Step 2
Afrocenchix Swirl Conditioner 
Our TT Awards Vegan brand of the year is back with a subbie favourite - the Swirl Conditioner. Packed with nourishing ingredients such as Avocado Oil, Aloe Vera Concentrate and Coconut Extract. These ingredients work together to retain your hair's hydration, leaving your hair feeling smooth and moisturised. Gently squeeze out any excess water before taking your time to massage and work the conditioner through your hair strands whilst finger detangling. Take your time and indulge in your wash day by leaving this beauty in your hair for 5 minutes, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water, then dry.

Step 3
The Curl Company Enhance and Perfect Curl Cream

In light of trying new things for Spring, we’re treating our tribe to The Curl Company Enhance and Perfect Curl Cream - a first time feature!  The multi-award-winning Enhance and Perfect Curl Cream does exactly that! Packed with Moringa Oil and Meadowfoam Seed Oil that your curls will love! After applying a leave-in of your choice, section your hair into at least 3 parts, then squeeze a generous amount into your hands for each section working from root to tip. This product is not only Vegan and Cruelty free but is perfect for defining your curls, twist outs, braid outs and more.

Step 4
 Superdrug Black Castor & Shea Softening Olive Oil

For most of us, wash day is not complete without an oil to seal in all the moisture goodness from your conditioners and leave- in. This multipurpose Softening Olive Oil does not only help to soften and tame your kinks, curls and coils, it can also be used to leave your skin soft, supple and smooth. Add a small amount of the velvety oil to your hands and add to the ends of your strands to lock in or using your finger add a small amount directly to your scalp. Whichever method you choose don’t forget…OIL IS A SEALANT!  

Step 5
Superdrug Bendy Rollers

We’ve brought back an oldie but goodie .. the Bendy Roller! With the help of Superdrug, we’re taking back to the Y2K to help you achieve popping and defined curls by simply following the step by step guide:  
Step 1 - Section your hair into the size you would like each curl to be (we recommend working in sections for ease).
 Step 2 - Add a generous amount of the Curl Cream (approx the size of a 10p coin per section) and work into your desired section from root to end. 
Step 3 - Place the Superdrug Bendy roller as close to the root of your desired section, then gently wrap your hair around it in  a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction (depending on how you want your curls to fall). Be sure to tightly wind your hair around the bendy roller until you get to the end before locking in the curl by securing the ends. 
Step 4 - Once your hair is dry unravel the bendy rollers and style as desired.
*Tip: Use a 2p coin size amount of the Superdrug Oil to help unwind your curls when taking out the bendy rollers, this helps give your curls body and shine. 
Now get out there and show off your new look!