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Love who you are with As I Am

Love who you are with As I Am

Issa new decade and we have new goals. On the top of our list is to make👏🏾self👏🏾love👏🏾a👏🏾priority!

Self love comes in so many forms. From positive affirmations to healthy living, anything that prioritises your own well-being and happiness: inject it!

We started the year with the Happy New Hair box which is a takeover by our faves, As I Am. We love to switch things up at TT so we sent out 5 different product combinations ensuring all our subbies received 4 full size products to help them get the best out of their natural hair. Not sure about you, but as for us- a good hair day will have us loving ourselves the same way Kanye loves Kanye.

We suggest using the January box on a day you want to give yourself and your hair some serious TLC because these aren’t just any products! Keep reading to get the tea on exactly why they’ll have you falling in love with your kinks and curls:

The Long & Luxe range: This range is all about lengthening and strengthening your hair. The products are infused with Pomegranate & Passion Fruit so they smell like the tropics. From this range, we’ve selected the:

Long & Luxe Strengthening Shampoo:

-This shampoo cleanses hair and scalp gently and adds moisture.

-It reduces tangles and combing damage.

-Strengthens hair for longer hair length.

Long & Luxe Conditioner:

-Use this conditioner to detangle your kinks and curls.

-It moisturises your hair and scalp.

-Smooths cuticle layers and promotes shine.

-Rejuvenates the scalp and hair.

-Helps promote healthy hair growth.

Long & Luxe GroWash:

-This GroWash detangles whilst moisturising your hair and scalp.

-It contains a special blend of natural ingredients that work to promote healthy hair growth.

Long & Luxe Scalp Serum:

-This serum contains so many nutrients including Biotin, Phytosterols (compounds found in plant cell membranes), Aloe Vera, Pomegranate Juice and Pomegranate Butter which help rejuvenate the scalp for healthier follicles and longer hair length.

-If you suffer with a dry scalp, dryness will be alleviated leaving a clear and healthy scalp with more moisture.

Long & Luxe GroEdges:

-This edge control is the one! It gives a long lasting hold to edges without flaking.

-It rejuvenates and strengthens your hair line.

The classic range: This range is specifically formulated just for natural hair and contains natural ingredients like Shea Butter and Coconut Oil to hydrate define, condition & shine.

Coconut Cowash:

-This Cowash spreads easily throughout hair.

-Gently cleanses hair and scalp.

-Maintains, adds and helps hair retain moisture until your next cleanse.

-Makes detangling a breeze.

-Helps promote a healthy environment for hair growth.  

Leave-in Conditioner:

-Helps strengthen hair and adds moisture and shine.

-Seals the cuticle layer.

-Supports healthy hair growth.

-Preps your hair for styling.

We can’t wait to hear how much you love these products! Make sure you tag @asiamuk and @treasuretress on Instagram when you upload your posts using the January box.