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Frequently asked questions

Q. Is there an option to request what you'd like in the box?
Each month we like to surprise our subscribers with new and exciting products. Where's the fun in you knowing exactly whats in your box each month? Allow us to do the hard work for you, and treat you! Think of it like Christmas everymonth.
Q. When will I be charged for my box?
Subscriptions renew on the 15th of each month
Q. Do these products work with relaxed hair?
All products for curly/kinky hair can be used on relaxed hair. Unless specified they just do not work well with heat styling instruments such as straighteners.
Q. How do I update my bank details?
You simply need to log into your account and you will find a section titled "credit cards". This is where all of your payment details can be accessed, amended and updated at any time.
Q. Is it only natural hair products?
While the box is specifically designed for Natural Girls and those transitioning back to natural, the products can also be used on relaxed hair.
Q. What's in the box?
Each TreasureTress Box is filled with a variety of full-sized products, product tasters, samples and styling tools.
Q. Can I send a box to an address different from my billing address?
Yes you can. When you are asked to enter your 'Shipping' information, here you can enter the address you would like the box to be delivered to.
Q. Can I skip next months subscription?
Yes you can and the good news is that it is easy! ​Simply drop us an email at
Q. ​​I've already subscribed, when will I be re-billed?
You will be re-billed on 15th of each month and will receive your box at the beginning of the following month (typically the 2nd week). ​
Q. I would like to subscribe today, when will i receive my first box?
Order before the 3rd of the month to receive your box at the beginning of the following month, or order after then to receive your box the month after next.
Q. I am a little late subscribing but definitely want to receive my box next month, can you arrange this for me?
"For you, we'll do anything. Email us ( and we will see what we can do for you 😉 Warning: boxes do sell out pretty quickly each month!"
Q. ​Can I change the date I am re-billed? It is a little inconvenient for me.
​No problem at all. Simply email us at and we can organise this for you just detail the date you'd like us to update it to.
Q. I'd only like to buy this box once, do i need to subscribe?
Yes, you would need to subscribe to recieve a box, unless you're lucky enough to find a limited edition box on our website
Q. How can I change my address?
Log Into your account ' Shipping Address' 'Edit' and enter your new address
Q. I've seen your boxes on Social Media, will I recieve this months box?
We're glad you've seen our most recent box. We do not reveal what is inside the box until it has arrived with our subscribers. So if you've seen it on Social Media, its a little too late. Sign up ASAP so that you dont miss out on our next. Remember subscriptions close on the 3rd of each month.
Q. How long is delivery?
Our delivery takes place in pre-scheduled cycles, so you can expect to receive during the second working week of each month. If you have ordered a one-time order box (no subscription) look out for an email confirming shipment within the next 3 working days.
Q. Can I know what's in this box
Where's the fun in that? We enjoy surprising you each month, with new and exciting collaborations with the very best hair care brands
Q. Do you ship to the internationally?
Yes we do. But please keep in mind currency exchange rates and shipping costs.
Q. UK postage and packaging is £3.95.
It is, yes.
Q. I am going away, please can I pause my subscription?
You can pause your subscription for as long as you like. Drop us an email and we will arrange this for you.
Q. How will COVID-19 impact my subscription?
Unfortunately COVID-19 is disrupting all area's of our lives, and has completely changed life as we know it. As a company, we're committed to continuing to serve you our customers and our community, however you can expect delays in delivery of your subscription due to the additional measures we're putting in place to protect our team.