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Behind the brand

When 26-year old, London born Jamelia Donaldson told naturalistas across the UK, “The hunt is over”, she wasn’t joking. The founder and CEO of Treasure Tress, has been able to draw on her personal experiences and knowledge to provide an impeccable hair care service which equips young girls and women across the UK with quality products and tools to care for their naturally curly hair.

At the tender age of 18, a keen and determined Jamelia embarked on her journey to the other side of the world to intern as a marketing assistant in Beijing. Armed with a growing toolkit of vital skills; at 19, Jamelia took to the vibrant, bustling city of New York to work alongside PR and enter- tainment maven, BJ Coleman. With Coleman Entertainment Group’s client list boasting of the likes of Naomi Campbell, Vivica A Fox, Tyson Beck- ford and Tatiyana Ali, this was the beginning of a fascinating journey into the world of PR, Communications and Brand Development.

Jamelia has since worked in both London and New York, in the financial services industry, for the worlds most powerful Asset Management firm. Leading projects involving upwards of eight figures worth of investments, providing exceptional service to the firms largest clients and working closely with traders. But even with an enviable CV and a wealth of experience under her belt, Jamelia knew the corporate world wasn’t always going to be her future. Not when her passion and expertise in natural hair caused her to be the go- to girl among her friends and family for product and hair advice. The birth of her niece, and her clear desire to educate and equip young girls and women with knowledge on their natural hair is what caused Jamelia to birth Treasure Tress. Her love for the subscription business model meant that she was easily able to merge the two and deliver a salon experience straight to the front doors of many. Jamelia’s exit from the corporate world wasn’t instant, but passion com- bined with purpose gave her the courage to forge a new path for herself whilst taking UK naturals along with her. With Treasure Tress making it’s mark on naturals and celebrities now from the UK to Middle East and America, Jamelia remains confident that TreasureTress will be key in notonly a fresh awareness of the latest and greatest brands to care for curly hair; but a mind shift that taking care of natural hair can be an easy, fun and enjoyable experience! Since launching in 2015, Treasure Tress has been featured in Buzzfeed, Black Beauty and Hair Magazine, The Voice Newspaper, Good Housekeeping, Harpers Baazar and many other prominent publications. Through consistency in quality customer care, Treasure Tress has quickly cemented itself as a go to lifestyle brand for natural women up and down the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

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