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Behind the brand

What began as one black woman’s vision to make product discovery simple for black women and girls with naturally textured hair, Founded by Beauty Entrepreneur Jamelia Donaldson, TreasureTress has evolved from a just online subscription service for women and girls to a leading online and offline safe space for black women led by black women.

TreasureTress is Europe’s first and largest natural hair product discovery box, where sisterhood connects over kinks and curls. As experts in the natural hair and beauty space, TreasureTress takes a bespoke and forward-thinking approach to serving the natural hair community, by building relationships with our communities and your favourite hair and beauty brands, and ships our global tribe the exclusives, inclusive of educational and practical steps for managing and styling your tresses on a monthly basis.

There is something uniquely special about sisterhood and black girl magic. The way we look out for, support, encourage, correct, and inspire each other forms a matchless girl gang with experiences that transcend geography. From our distinct colloquialisms to kinks and curls recognisable from a distance, the black girl experience is one that is nuanced, culturally rich, and admired.

Prioritising the unity of the TreasureTress tribe is paramount, ensuring that the TreasureTress tribe feel represented, accommodated to and appreciated. To compliment the community built online through the subscription service and social media engagement, we are intentional about hosting offline safe spaces for brown skin girls too and encouraging our Mini Me’s, Tween’s and Qweens to embrace their natural beauty, while appreciating and loving the beauty in all of its facets in others.

With Afternoon Tea’s for Mini Me’s, the 3-year running of The Teen Experience, our annual Birthday Pop Up Experience and all the turn ups in between, we are no longer exchanging our hard-earned cash for mediocre experiences. Instead, we are constantly curating spaces for women and girls to boss up and be brave, in the midst of fun and inclusive activity, and inspiration, relevant and empathic conversation.

Like discovering an exclusive selection of products when their TreasureTress box arrives, with every unboxing we hope that it also propels you all to unpack a new layer of yourself, continually discovering your uniqueness, power, and owning your truth through your tresses.

“When you educate a girl, you educate a family, a community, a country”

—Michelle Obama

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