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Whether you transitioned, big chopped, or have been natural all your life one of the biggest questions you’ll have to ask yourself is what products should I invest in? And I use the word invest because let’s face it girl, some of these products aren’t cheap!

Now figuring out the right products for your tresses can take a minute, and if  you finally find your holy grail your hair will be flourishing for a while. But give it some time and all of a sudden the products that you thought were your ride or dies won’t be riding for you the way they did when you guys first started kicking it. Once your hair becomes used to a product, your twist out becomes a ‘girl, I can’t go out like this’, your wash and go becomes a wash and no, and your bantu knot out just looks like banter.

At this point it’s time to take a break from your favourite products and look for new ones to try. If you’ve gone through this process and you’re reading this, look no further, TreasureTress have got you.

TreasureTress isn’t just for those who have loved and lost though, if you’ve never been able to find the right products, a TreasureTress subscription is exactly what you need.

And if you’re just a product junkie like me, (Hi, my name’s Beulah and I’m addicted to hair products) come to TreasureTress for your fix.

For £20 GBP (plus P&P) a month, we send you a natural hair box with 4-5 full size products for you to try. That’s right sis, £20. That’s the price you’d usually be paying for 2-3 mid range products. Imagine, every month you receive a cute product box full of goodies to refresh your kinks and curls. And if you’re not sure how to use them, an info sheet is provided in each box plus we’ve got a team of influencers who show you how they use the products they receive monthly. No more trips to the beauty supply store, we’ll deliver the products to your house, your workplace, your uni… just give us an address, we’ve got you.

Subscribing is real easy too, simply head over to, click ‘Subscribe’, and choose the box you want. We cater to mini me’s, tweens, and qweens.

Mini Me boxes are packed with high quality kid specific products (only the best for our babies). The tween product box tends to include more stylers, gels and mousses for the girls out there who love to experiment. The qween natural hair box usually consists of butters, curl creams and oils. There might be some product overlap between the boxes depending on the brand that month but either way the products in each box are bomb!

Once you’ve clicked ‘Order Now’, we’ll need a few details and you’ll be subscribed. Subscribe by the 3rd of the month to receive that month’s box and your subscription will either auto renew on the 15th or at the end of the month (if you send an email to, it’s that easy.


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