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Want to start looking forward to wash day? Start Co-Washing

You’ve had your hair in that messy bun for a few days more than you care to admit and your scalp is starting to itch. You can’t put it off anymore, it’s wash day.

So you grab a shampoo then lather and rinse just like the bottle tells you and all the product build up you’ve been housing on your head washes away.

Your hair is finally clean.

It’s clean but your curl pattern is nowhere to be seen because your hair is drier than the Sahara. Sure, the shampoo stripped away the product build up but it also stripped away any natural oils keeping your hair moisturised. You get out of the shower and detangling takes so long your arms start aching and the breakage has you questioning whether there is any hair left on your head.

Sound familiar? You’ve most probably experienced this before shopping around and finding the right shampoo. The stripping agent in most shampoos is known as sulphates, sulphates are perfect when you want a seriously deep cleanse but it’s a good idea to gravitate towards sulphate free shampoos when you can. That being said, sulphate free shampoos can still leave your hair feeling a little dry. That’s where co-washing comes in.

Co-washing is conditioner only washing. Some naturals use regular conditioners to co-wash but this can add build up rather than remove it, leaving your hair feeling dirtier than before. The solution is going for a co-wash product, a product specifically made to moisturise whilst gently cleansing.

In our September box, we’ve featured the Detangling Co-Wash by Mielle. This product works best when used in between shampoos. So if you shampoo every two weeks, co-wash on the alternative weeks to maintain moisture and remove product build up. This particular co-wash removes impurities without stripping your hair of natural oils. It’s made with natural and certified organic ingredients, natural oils and preservatives.


The lightweight moisturisers soften and control frizz making it easier to detangle your hair. Over time, you should experience less breakage, knots and shedding while enjoying stronger hair and more length retention.

Co-washing ensures your hair is moisturised and clean so your curl pattern is preserved and you can spend less time detangling and more time slaying sis!

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