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TreasureTress In April

April was lit. This month’s box featured Palmer’s Cocoa Butter formula Shampoo and conditioner as well as their swivel stick. We wanted to make sure your tresses and skin stayed moisturised, whilst smelling like an Easter snack #AprilSlay. We also hooked you guys up with another oil from our faves: Love Row Naturals and introduced the Activilong leave-in conditioner which you guys love as much as we do!


Whilst we love communicating with you all online, we know the importance of face to face interaction so this month our team travelled far and wide to hang with you guys in real life. We started April off in Leicester – the third leg of our tour with Gro Healthy. We wanted to know if Leicester could go natural and we discovered that the answer is a definitive YES. The event was an absolute turn up with a live DJ, games, cupcakes, photos, workshops, tutorials and hair talks.

We hosted the event alongside our girl Abbie, aka @abbiecurls and had an amazing time discussing wash days, hair typing, porosity, styling tips and so much more. The tour isn’t over so if you’ve missed out, you’re still in with a chance to join the fun. Where would you like us to go next?

The very next day after our Leicester turn up, our founder @jameliaisobsessed, brand director @siobhanerowanne and the beautiful @hairissimba alongside a team of amazing mentors hosted the first of 2 Teen Experience brunches of the month. Both sold out brunches were a huge success! We use the brunches to determine what our teens would like to get from our workshops and the insight we received was incredible. We’re super excited to start delivering workshops. The first of which is happening on May 20th by the way! You can get tickets here.

Our founder Jamelia was super busy this month (as usual) and spoke all things entrepreneurship at the event: ‘Brunch in the City’ created by The Venus Code. This event was specifically catered to female go-getters giving them the opportunity to interact, network and learn.

At the end of the month we sponsored Derby’s first ever natural hair event and hosted a workshop too. ‘What’s my hair type?’ was an amazing event where adults and children had the chance to learn about curly and afro textured hair, as well as purchase and learn about products and services catered to textured hair. There were performances, competitions, raffles, showcases and presentations.

We had so much fun speaking all things hair care and TreasureTress with this group.


We’re expecting May to be the month of the #Slay and are currently packing your boxes in anticipation! Are ya’ll ready?




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