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New Year, New Hair Goals

According to research, about 60 percent of us admit that we make New Year’s resolutions but only 8 percent of us are successful in achieving them. If you’re among the 60 percent like us, then it’s likely that some of your resolutions/goals are hair related. We’re working hard on being part of that 8 percent that achieve those goals and we want you to join us sis!

So for extra motivation we reached out to our favourite bloggers and asked them what their hair goals for this year are. You may find that some of these bloggers have goals that are similar to yours, in which case it’ll be worth looking out for their content as they’ll be spilling all the tea on how they plan to achieve them.

Our girl Haley (AKA @naturallyhaleyxo) told us her goals are:

1. To retain as much length as possible 

2. To wear low manipulation/protective styles for 70% of the year

3. Stick to weekly/biweekly wash days

4. To grow back my edges

5: To step out of my comfort zone by doing more creative hair styles

The beauty Shaniel (AKA @missshanielmckenzie) said her goals are:

1. Grow thicker edges

2. Retain length

3. Try not to be tempted to big chop my hair again this year

4. Create the ultimate moisture routine

The gorgeous Lakeysha (AKA @i_candyx_) said her hair goals are:

1. Don’t flat iron my curls this whole year
2. Only use cotton items to dry my hair
3. Get my ends cut every two months or so
4. Try some more hairstyles ( which I did when I filmed my treasuretress Januarybox unboxing)

The beautiful Deborah (AKA @depassions) let us know that her goals are to:

1. Deep condition weekly
2. Do more protective styles
3. Eat better and take my vitamins regularly as these can make a difference with the health and growth of my hair
4. Grow my hair past armpit length 
5. Make at least one visit to a professional for a treatment and a trim 

Our fave Kenny (AKA @kenny_olapade) told us her goals are:

1. To do more protective styles such as box braids, marley twists & wigs

2.  I want to try more hairstyles and updos, I’m getting bored of high puff and Afro, lol

3. I would love to colour my hair without damage

4. I want to try as much products as I can. The TreasureTress monthly box is already helping with that

5. I want my hair to grow at least 3-4 inches longer

The super cute Glam (AKA @glamandcurls) said her 2019 hair goals are:

1. To continue to discover new products and know what my hair loves

2. Grow my hair to make it more longer

3. Maintain healthy hair by being consistent with my hair care

4. Create more homemade masks

5. Take care of the colour in my hair in order to make it shine

The fabulous Abbie (AKA @abbiecurls) said her goals are:

1. Experiment more with styles other than wash & gos and buns!

2. To not get caught up on when my hair doesn’t cooperate and let it be, and learn what its trying to tell me

3. To continue to help and inspire others with my online platform

The beauty that is Shanise (AKA @shanisemorgan) says her goals are:

1. Only straighten my hair twice a year (for trims and length checks)

2. Get myself involved with more hair campaigns and push myself out of my comfort zone

3. Deep Condition, deep condition, deep condition at least once a week!

4. Keep my curly hair purchases to a minimum 

5. Be perfectly happy with my curls by the end of the year!

Let us know if you spotted your hair goals above sis and if you didn’t, tell us what your goals are- maybe we can help you out 😉

Here’s to a great hair year!



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