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Naturals at Night

Having a night time routine can make natural life so much easier. It can cut styling time down significantly and ensures your hair is in the condition you want it to be in when you wake up.

There are so many suggested routines out there, it’s hard to figure out what’s best for you. Here are some night time staples that all naturals should consider:


  1. Use Satin/Silk scarves or bonnets:


Covering or wrapping your hair at night will ensure that you maintain your curl pattern and prevent frizz. Leaving your hair out and unprotected can cause tangles when you move in your sleep and dryness if your hair is in contact with materials like cotton. Now we all know that naturals have that sixth sense which wakes us up when our scarf or bonnet comes off so I like to use both. My reasoning is if my bonnet comes off, at least my scarf will stay on.


  1. Use a Silk or Satin pillowcase:


Cotton is abrasive and can deplete your kinky curly hair of moisture so sleeping on a cotton pillowcase will dry your hair and cause unnecessary frizz. Using a silk/satin pillowcase preserves your moisturised curls and is a fail safe if your bonnet or scarf comes off. Another great thing about silk/satin pillowcases is that they’re better for your skin than cotton. Cotton not only dries the hair but it dries the skin which can lead to premature fine lines and girl, no one’s trying to wrinkle prematurely.


  1. Put your hair in a pineapple:


If you’re a wash and go girl, this one’s for you. There’s nothing worse than having the perfect curls on day one and then waking up looking like your hair hasn’t been treated since 2012. To preserve your curls, shove them into a pineapple. In case you’re unfamiliar, a pineapple is  a loose, high ponytail on top of your head, that prevents the frizz, tangles and flattened curls that come with lying down. We recommend using a satin scrunchie for your pineapple to prevent any knots or tangles. The next morning your curls will thank you. Simply take down the pineapple and shake and spritz your curls until you’ve got the look and shape desired.


  1. Stretch your hair at night:


If you like to keep your hair stretched, the best way to maintain a stretched style is at night. So if you’re rocking a twist out during the day, re-twist your hair that night and remove the twists when you wake up to preserve the curls and the stretch. Same with braid outs, bantu knot outs etc.

Another great night time stretching method is banding. Banding ensures your hair stays stretched and tangle free. Simply section your hair and tie hairbands from the root to the tip of each section to stretch.


Do you have a night time routine? If you do, what does yours look like? Remember fail to prepare, prepare to have a hair fail!



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