The Hunt is over...

How often will I receive my box?

You will receive your TreasureTress Box during the second working week of each new month.

Is it only Natural Hair Products?

While the box is specifically designed for Natural Girls and those transitioning back to natural, the products can also be used on relaxed hair.

What's in the box?

Each TreasureTress Box is filled with a variety of Products, Product Tasters, Samples and Styling tools.

Can I send a box to an address different from my billing address?

Yes you can. When you are asked to enter your 'Shipping' information, here you can enter the address you would like the box to be delivered to.

Can I skip next months subscription?

A: Yes you can and the good news is that it is easy! ​1) Simply go to: https://treasuretress.cratejoy.com 2) Log into your account, then go to 'My Account' 3) Hit the 'Edit' button 4) Hit the 'Skip Next Renewal' button

​​I've already subscribed, when will I be re-billed?

You will be re-billed on 15th of each month and will receive your box at the beginning of the following month (typically the 2nd working week). If you would prefer to be rebilled at the end of the month - drop us an email at curlcare@treasuretress.co.uk and we will have this updated for you. ​

I would like to subscribe today, when will i receive my first box?

Order before the 3rd of the month to receive your box within the same month, if you miss this deadline, you will receive your box the following month. Need hair help urgently? Check out our online store for our one-time boxes which are shipped immediately.

I am a little late subscribing but definitely want to receive my box next month, can you arrange this for me?

A: For you, we'll do anything. Email us (curlcare@treasuretress.co.uk) and we will see what we can do for you 😉 don't forget to check out our online store too for access to our exclusive previous boxes.

​ Can I change the date I am re-billed? It is a little inconvenient for me..

​A: No problem at all. Simply email us at curlcare@treasuretress.co.uk and we can organise this for you just detail the date you'd like to update it to.

I'd only like to buy this box once, do i need to subscribe?

​A: You have two options. You can either subscribe for one month and utilise our anytime cancellation policy. OR you can purchase one of our limited edition boxes from our online store page. Warning: once these are gone, they really are gone!

How much is shipping?

​A: Shipping is £3.95 for those within the UK. If you live outside of the UK, shipping will vary. Please note that duties and taxes assessed by customs are the responsibility of the customer.